Thursday, October 18, 2007

John K.'s Double bounce walk assignment


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The two things I noticed off the bat was that Flip looks stretched out and that I push the head way too foward. I remebered while drawing that I wasn't placing much importance on the body and so it's not flowing with everything else. I lost control over the head as well, I knew that while drawing.

Question: "So why did you draw it that way?"

I knew the figure was stretched looking from the get go, but decided that it's an unusual way for me to draw and to try and learn the animation principles involved anyway. Frame 9 was drawn well, I thought, and even though the head was way too out I decided to just see what it looks like. The head really destroys the whole walks purpose. Another note on the stretched look, in retrospect I shouldn't have drawn on an angle as I was. It changes the perception.

I'm not making excuses, I'm explaining what I did wrong that I can notice right away.

Oh and the newspaper was a big after thought.

Isolated I'm surprised by the speed of how cartoons used to move.

Comments and critics greatly welcomed.


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